10 games like Resident Evil to play after finishing Village

Amora R Jelo

You may well be looking for games like Resident Evil to jump into next if you’ve wrapped up Resident Evil Village. Capcom’s Resident Evil is widely regarded as the most important horror video game series of all time, dating back to the original PlayStation in 1996. Since its inception, it has ventured across various sub-genres, with some games leaning into survival-horror, while others tend to focus more on shooting. Most recently, we’ve had Resident Evil Village, an entry that – in many ways – pulls from some of the best aspects of the franchise as a whole. 

It’s true, the series has been hugely influential in the video game industry, leading to many other original horror franchises that fans love. Despite having a lengthy list of games to choose from, you might want more horror goodness to play after you’ve experienced all the Resident Evil games. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 games like Resident Evil that you should play after finishing Resident Evil Village.

Dead Space

Games like Resident Evil - Dead Space

(Image credit: EA)

Kicking off our list is Dead Space, a third-person survival-horror game set in… well… space. Creepy monsters are scary enough, but when you have to deal with them in the blackness of space, the horror is amplified. Dead Space came out during a time when fans were starving for true survival-horror in a modern sense.

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