Acecore Tech’s Zoe Zetona drone carries 3.5 lbs for 26 minutes

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Acecore Technologies is slaying its drone competition with a powerful commercial model. The new Zoe Zetona drone harnesses an intelligent set of features and expert craftsmanship and is ready to make a difference.

Drones have become increasingly more commonplace in our modern age of technology. In recent years they’re not only popular but more accessible as well. They’re now less expensive, and both commercial and industrial companies are embracing them. Acecore Technologies lifts new possibilities to a market where the sky is, quite literally, the limit. With Acecore’s Zoe Zetona commercial drone, you’ll be able to push those limits more than ever. Rather than “drone” on, let me introduce you to this fantastic new gadget!

Acecore Tech's Zoe Zetona drone carries 3.5 lb payloads for 26 minutes
Zoe Zetona drone carries a 3.5 lb camera for 26 minutes

Acecore Technologies Zoe Zetona crafts a powerfully versatile drone

With an all-new coaxial propulsion system, the drone is lightweight and deploys with ease. Up to 8 engines support a quadcopter (or octocopter) boosting stability and flight performance. It also has a true carbon fiber build, is weather-resistant, and has well-constructed balance.

Acecore Tech’s Zoe Zetona drone is ready to tackle challenges on or offshore. The expertly crafted design lends itself to a hardy machine that can handle numerous complex tasks.

Capture better images with an unobstructed field of view

An issue common in many drones is that the drone’s frame can obstruct their camera’s view. Acecore’s Zoe Zetona model helps eliminate this problem with a thoughtful, fastidious design. The drone uses a bespoke gimbal to allow a remotely controlled camera to attach to the front exterior where the frame is out of view. The gimbal also has more freedom to tilt this way, which is an added bonus.

Acecore Tech’s Zoe Zetona drone in action

Zoe Zetona drone has impressive precision and stability

According to the Acecore Technologies website, the Zoe Zetona drone was built as a tool for high-value and high-risk inspections. You would expect this to reduce company liability by eliminating potential accidents for workers that would otherwise have to do the job.

The drone uses F9P L1/L2 RTK precision positioning along with 4 to 8 colossal engines. This stabilizes the system, keeping it at a near standstill position in the air. Zoe Zetona can also withstand wind speeds up to 25 knots and is equipped with LiDAR to assist in obstacle avoidance. An ADS-B transponder, encrypted radio link, and a 9.9-mile datalink range, all contribute to exceptional performance and stability.

Acecore Tech's Zoe Zetona drone carries 3.5 lb payloads for 26 minutes
A.T. Zoe Zetona drone’s remote controller

You can carry and control a 3.5 lb camera for up to 26 minutes

One of the biggest strengths of Acecore’s Zoe Zetona drone is that it can carry a 3.5 lb camera for up to 26 minutes. The 60 megapixel Sony A7r iv, for example, can be carried up to 25 minutes. This ensures a fair amount of time to collect photos and footage of the target subject.

Complete control of select cameras such as the Sony A7r IV, including its settings, can be accessed remotely. The integrated gimbal tilts 90 degrees downwards when desired, and automatic geotagging saves EXIF data when in use. Do you still need more control? No worries. The Zoe Zetona also supports single and dual operator configurations. Mapping missions are sure to be much easier with tech like this on board.

Acecore Tech's Zoe Zetona drone carries 3.5 lb payloads for 26 minutes and is weather-resistant
Acecore Technologies Zoe Zetona mid-elevation

Acecore’s Zoe Zetona is an asset to commercial and industrial outfits

Acecore Technologies appears to have built an impressively first-rate drone that will be right at home in commercial and industrial settings. It’s packed with advanced technology and offers the kind of adaptivity required for the tasks in these settings. While casual drone enthusiasts may enjoy the Zoe Zetona, it’s clear, this is designed for serious business.

More on the Zoe Zetona drone can be found on the Acecore Technologies’ official website. Pricing is available upon request.

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