Farmington, Farmington Hills approve $150 million fiber optic network

Amora R Jelo
A fiberoptic broadband network in Farmington and Farmington Hills expected to drive down internet and cable costs.

Who doesn’t wish they paid less for internet and cable?

Farmington and Farmington Hills hope the pending creation of a fiber optic internet network across the two cities will drive internet and cable prices down for residents and business owners. 

Both city councils recently approved a permit application from SiFi Networks to build a fiber optic broadband network. The unanimous vote allows for about 680 miles of fiber optic cable to get laid in the two communities. 

SiFi Networks will spend $150 million to create the network, which internet providers will be able to rent for use. The two cities will provide some human resources, but do not expect to pay anything for the network’s creation or maintenance.

Officials expect the network will allow more service providers to operate in the cities and create a price-competitive environment. But, the services that already exist won’t go away. 

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