How Does Pegasus Spyware Work and How to Protect Yourself from Attacks

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“How Does Pegasus Spyware work?” is the number one question that comes to people’s minds, especially as they research this problem and its popularity in the current tech landscape. People are also keen on learning how to go against this spyware, as it has already incited fear that it monitors the actions of the public infected with it. 

As spyware, people would not see the virus coming, and it would sometimes remain undetected with it hiding out until it needs to be pulled out. Recently, another notorious malware, the “Joker Spyware,” was detected, as it was infamous for stealing the public’s credentials. 

How Does Pegasus Work?


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Pegasus is a spyware virus that implants itself on one’s mobile device, and there, it could control the phone including and not limited to reading messages from different apps, making calls, and stealing different sensitive data. The Israeli company, NGO Group was believed to be the private company that licensed its use and distribution to be used for various purposes.

The Pegasus spyware was initially discovered in 2016, but it has been developed since that time, where people have already fell victim to the virus. According to the Washington Post, it can be distributed in different applications like links through emails, chats, and others. It can also infect a code by answering a call through WhatsApp. 

Indeed, Pegasus is one of the most dangerous spyware presents in the tech landscape in the present times, and it is backed by the Israeli government, as they allegedly use this to spy on people, as said by the Post. 

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What is Pegasus?

The Pegasus spyware was initially linked to journalist deaths in Israel and was said to be a surveillance method used by its government to spy on people, with over 50,000 names on its contact list. It was not said whether that is only in the local or international scene, but it is suspected that the spyware is already spread out globally. 

The spyware is a virus, and it infects the device to be susceptible to control or access by the threat actor, to whomever the NGP group has sold its licenses to. The company is known to be private, hence its ability to keep the names of its clients off of public eyes and knowledge. 

How to Protect Yourself from Attacks?

Spyware on Phones

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The best way to protect yourself from being infected or attacked by Pegasus is not to answer any calls from WhatsApp and other WiFi app calling applications present. This is for those who are not part of your contact lists, or a random caller. People are also advised to take caution in answering calls from unknown network calls, or through one’s phone number. 

In addition to that, avoid opening links with regards to promotions and log-ins from unknown senders, as they may contain spyware or malware, that could either be Pegasus or from other threats. Opening links can lead to the spyware installing itself discreetly on one’s device and may lead to data theft, and others.

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