How Math Increased Modern Technology Development

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Modern technology owes a great deal to mathematics for its evolution, sustaining, and further growth. In simple words, modern technology is the application of mathematics. It is the reason behind the fast-changing technology that humans heavily rely upon. In today’s time, we are all connected to human beings, even located far away. The credit goes to maths and calculations in the rise and development of modern tech.  

Many sectors have seen a massive change in their applications, which is again credited to mathematics playing an indispensable role.

How Math Increased Modern Technology Development

(Photo : How Math Increased Modern Technology Development)

Mathematics in the banking sector

Mathematics and banking tech are closely connected. As the banking world is a world full of numbers, the slightest miscalculation can lead to huge ramifications. 

This modern technology has made it easier for banks to avoid inaccuracies and firmly hold all data together while dealing with multiple customers at an ongoing time. The application of high-level modern tech has made it simple to determine credit scores and calculate interest rates or outstanding. 

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Mathematics in stock exchange technology 

Stock exchange or trading exists online. A million users are on the portals each day to stroke their understanding and knowledge on trading to get fruitful results. It is for maths in this modern technology that makes stockbrokers make calculated decisions. Suppose there is an absence of applying maths for this analysis, calculation, and decision making. In that case, the field becomes gambling. 

The rise of modern tech and tools has made stock marketers use their understanding and skills to make the desired profits. The latest tools are all a result of modern technology that has made these calculations and estimates an easier job to do. 

How Math Increased Modern Technology Development

(Photo : How Math Increased Modern Technology Development)

Communication technology

Communication technology has instead gained immense popularity among people. If it was not for modern technology, we might not have had the opportunity to connect with individuals based in different geographic locations seamlessly. 

The cyberculture is fueled by mathematics. While less has been spoken on this front, there is strong evidence and reasons that match up to the argument. Because of the application of mathematics, modern tech tools were invented, modified, and continues to see various new additions and changes in the way we interact. 

Mathematics in modern architecture 

We all know that a deep understanding of mathematics helps an architect create the proper dimensions and units before the construction of a building. Modern tech in architecture has also evolved greatly over time, and it does owe it to mathematics. 

It is the math calculation that helps judge. It determines the money required, tools needed, and more importantly, the estimates are what help come to the closest practical and doable structure of any building or construction. 

Engineering tech involves maths

Mathematics is indeed the bedrock in engineering, whether mechanical or electric part of engineering. It is the right maths calculations that help invent, sustain any discovery. Most of the tech tools that we see today are a result of tech in engineering. The manufacturing sector entirely relies on mathematics and determines the size, flexibility, durability, and productive usability of any device. 

Maths in computing 

The software packages and many applications are born out of maths language and are crucial for any programming development. Just as dance for maths students is important, maths is critical for any career path that young adults choose for their future. 

The computer and the internet have made this word truly savvy of impacting any physical location. If it were not for the application of maths, there would have been no computing language. The maths language of 0s and 1s is the primary computer language and basically how it operates. 


Mathematics is a vital subject, and its application comes into the picture in almost all life aspects. It is for maths that modern technology has forever been on the rise. This is a testament that it will continue to grow and see many new developments impact human lives. Modern tech tools result from the growing application of mathematics in the world of computing, coding, and programming.

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