How To Restart Chrome Without Losing Tabs

How To Restart Chrome Without Losing Tabs

Let’s be real; we love going overboard with keeping several tabs open on your browser. This inevitably causes the websites to perform slower, and we might have to resort to restart Google Chrome.

However, you don’t have to lose the tabs you already have open on your browser. Google has multiple ways you could recover your open tab. 

This article has you covered if you’re looking to restart your Chrome browser without losing your open tabs. Keep reading as we discuss how to prevent losing tabs to recovering lost tabs on Google Chrome.

How to Restart Chrome Without Losing Tabs?

In this article, we have included two ways you can restart your Chrome browser without losing your tabs. You could apply either of these steps to reboot your browser and resume where you left off.

Restart Chrome

Chrome has a dedicated command to restart the browser without losing the current tabs. You can apply this method if you only want to use Chrome’s feature of keeping tabs this time.

In the address bar, copy-paste the chrome://restart command, then hit Enter on your keyboard. Google Chrome will automatically reboot while keeping each open tab intact.


Browser Settings

Google Chrome is notorious for crashing when too many tabs are open. If you frequently access a mountain of tabs, configuring Chrome to continue where you left off would be a better option. This will trigger Chrome to reopen the tabs that were open before you closed the application.

Refer to the following steps to change your browser setting to restart chrome without losing tabs:

  1. From the browser window, locate, then select the horizontal three-dot menu on your top-right.
  2. Head to
  3. Click On Startup from the left panel.on startup chrome
  4. Select the space next to Continue where you left off.continue-where-you-left-off

How to Restore Lost Tabs?

Earlier, we guided you in restarting your browser without losing your tabs. However, what if you’ve already closed your browser? Don’t worry; you could still restore each tab from your browser history.

From Settings

Here are the steps you could apply to recover your lost tabs from Google Chrome’s history:

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Hit the combination Ctrl + H to open the browser history.
  3. From the history window:
    • If you want to open individual tabs, locate and select them from List.
    • If you wish to recover a series of tabs, head to Journey > three-dot menu> Open all in new tab.ChromeHistoryJourney

Reopen Closed Windows

You could reopen the entire window that was unexpectedly closed. Follow these steps to restore lost tabs from a new Chrome window:

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Right-click on the address bar and select Reopen closed window.
    Reopen Closed Tabs

Chrome will open a new window restoring all the tabs you had opened before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do My Tabs Disappear in Chrome?

If your tabs disappear when you restart your Chrome browser, it could be because you have configured the settings to Open the New Tab page on startup. If not, the browser may have run out of memory to keep the tabs saved.

You could clear the cache and cookies from your Google Chrome browser to solve the low memory issue.

How Do I Copy Chrome Tabs on Another Computer?

You could easily open the tabs you have open on one device to another if you’re signed into the same Google account. Follow these steps to copy Chrome tabs on another computer:

  1. On the browser with open tabs, select the vertical three-dot menu.
  2. Head to
  3. On the You and Google tab, select Sync and Google services.
  4. Under Sync, hop on to Manage what you sync.
    manage what you sync
  5. Toggle on Open Tabs under the Sync data section.

How Do I Find My Tab History?

Google Chrome has made navigating your tab history easier than ever. To view your tab history, simply press Ctrl + H on your keyboard. Chrome will open a new window with all of the tabs you’ve opened with their date and time.