Little Nightmares is currently free to keep on Steam

Amora R Jelo

Bandai Namco’s acclaimed platformer horror game Little Nightmares is currently available for free on PC via Steam.

The game, which usually costs $19.99 / £15.99, will be available to download and keep until Sunday, May 30, the publisher announced via the platform.

Little Nightmares is currently free to keep on Steam
Little Nightmares is currently free on Steam.

The original Little Nightmares was developed by Tarsier Studios, which has contributed to multiple LittleBigPlanet games and Tearaway Unfolded, and most recently made The Stretchers. A Little Nightmares sequel released earlier this year.

The Swedish studio was acquired by Embracer Group in December 2019 and will now focus on creating an original game IP, CEO Andreas Johnsson told IGN.

“It is bitter sweet to announce that we are leaving the world of Little Nightmares behind us,” he said. “Little Nightmares will always be dear to us at the studio.

“Since being acquired by the Embracer Group in December 2019, it is now time for us to embark on a new chapter, create new IPs and explore new worlds. Personally I am very excited to see what our studio creates and counting down the days until we can welcome our fans.”

Since publisher Bandai Namco owns the Little Nightmares franchise, a different studio could take over. In a statement issued in February, the publisher said it was “energised” to take the series forwards.

In VGC’s Little Nightmares 2 review, critic Jon Bailes called the release, “a cautiously expansive sequel which expertly paces its shocks and creepy atmosphere.”