Most Powerful Quantum Computer: Chinese Developer Claims to Trample Google’s Performance

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The most powerful quantum computer is claimed to be made by Chinese developers, which reportedly outperforms the previous supremacy holder, Google. 

Most Powerful Quantum Computer: Chinese Developer Claims to Trample Google’s Performance

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Chinese researchers have been boasting a great feat — a monumental milestone for the development of quantum computers. 

As you may know by now, traditional computers using binary exist alongside a significantly more powerful one. The quantum computer replaces classical “bits” with “qubits,” which works by following the same law of quantum mechanics, Scientific American reported. 

Most Powerful Quantum Computer 

To prove the outstanding and fascinating performance of the Chinese quantum computer, the researchers had to calculate its processing power. 

The Zuchongzhi quantum computer features a whopping 66-qubit in total, as per TomsHardwareIt is important to note that the performance of the machine drastically increases by adding more qubits. 

However, doing so is a tedious task for computer engineers as the process of including qubits into the chips is complex. Plus, the effort to make it work smoothly sans the errors is another hurdle that developers crucially face. 

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Most Powerful Quantum Computer: Chinese Developers Beat Google’s Performance 

So, aside from being one of the most powerful, the Chinese computer also beat the Sycamore chip of Google that only flaunted 53 qubits. Not to mention that IBM also has its counterpart, the System One chip with 20 qubits, which the China computer beats as well. 

Meanwhile, it is not the first time that Chinese researchers claimed to have outpowered the Google Sycamore. 

On December 4, 2020, the research group from the Univesity of Science and Technology of China Department of Modern Physics revealed that the Chinese computer is 10 billion times faster than Google’s.

When Google launched its Sycamore in 2019, the tech giant boasted that it only took 3 minutes and 20 seconds to do a task that other supercomputers will need 10,000 years to do. 

Most Powerful Quantum Computer by China: Performance 

Furthermore, the researchers revealed that the Zuchongzhi only took about 1.2 hours or 70 minutes to take on a task that other counterparts will take eight years to complete. 

It was also noted that the task used to test the Chinese quantum computer is a hundred times more difficult when compared to what the Google Sycamore has encountered. 

In hindsight, what sets the performance of quantum computers from the classical binary machine is that it goes over all the possibilities to solve a problem simultaneously, Scientific American included in the same report. 

Meanwhile, IBM is further studying the application of powerful quantum computers in our daily lives. 

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