New York Startup, FLIK set modern standard to help deliver more courteous feedback to tackle irksome drivers on the road

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NEW YORK, USA & UK, August 26, 2021 / — After just six months since the FLIK went viral on TikTok reports indicate that it’s now being used by roughly 1% of drivers in America with growing popularity to see sales increase throughout the rest of 2021.

Brooklyn-based startup, FLIK has quickly become a global sensation after their product The FLIK went viral on popular social media app TikTok. Founder and CEO, Evan Tripp has shared how the small startup is struggling to keep up with incoming orders as demand for their product keeps rising. FLIK has set a trend that will help drivers effectively communicate feedback for hazardous drivers on the road.

The small startup which was founded in March 2020 is seeing a massive increase in demand for their product after videos started circulating on TikTok. Now, a few months later, the FLIK has become a global hit, with customers from all over the world looking to purchase their very own FLIK. The remote controlled device which can be installed on to the back window of your car can help communicate to drivers whether they’re being an irksome driver on the road. Essentially the device will ‘flip off’ any driver who is a menace on the road that puts other drivers in danger. The product has become a courteous and more effective method of communicating road rage.

Evan Tripp shared how exciting, and exhilarating the journey of FLIK has been over the last few months. ‘A product like this has never really existed before, and that’s why we created it. Now our customers, who are to thank for our success, are helping us grow the business as we keep selling out, month after month. The whole journey has been a rewarding one, seeing our customers enjoying and sharing the FLIK.’

Those who have not yet seen the FLIK in action will be happy to know that the remote-controlled digital light waves at or ‘Fliks off’ any driver on the road. The small device has been designed to be placed on your window, and an irreverent gadget which can also be considered as a novelty item. Although the FLIK won’t completely eliminate hazardous and inexperienced drivers from our roads, it’s become a fun, and tiresome way to tell a bad driver off. In the first six months after the product went viral on social media, the FLIK has already been used by roughly 1% of American drivers. The momentum has seen Tripp and his team at FLIK work tirelessly to cater to the growing need. By the end of 2021, sales expect to reach more than 3% of American drivers.

‘Essentially we’re not here to make a difference, we’re simply trying to reduce road rage – and as we’ve seen before, some drivers can really take road rage to the extreme. We’ve noticed that when a driver receives the middle finger, they actually seem to calm down,’ tells Tripp. The product has brought much needed levity and simplicity to cities that experience high volumes of road traffic and intense congestion.

Although still new to the market this disruptive product is now creating a new modern standard for driver feedback to mitigate tailgating and openly communicate whether a driver is being hazardous on the road.

More about the FLIK

The FLIK has is a small and functionally designed product that has been durably tested. The product can automatically adjust its brightness depending on the surrounding environment, and it comprises a 3 month battery life. The remote which operates the FLIK can be used in a range of 45 ft. For those who are concerned, the FLIK is compliant with most traffic and road laws in a large majority of states. The product can easily be placed on an angled window with its safe and scratch-free velgro strip. Even more, the FLIK has been designed with a double latched battery housing to ensure batteries remain intact when slamming the trunk shut.

For more information and order details on the FLIK, you can visit their website, follow them on social media or purchase your FLIK via Amazon.

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