Newest iMazing 2.14’s Free Feature Can Now Detect If There is Pegasus Spyware in Your iPhone

Newest iMazing 2.14’s Free Feature Can Now Detect If There is Pegasus Spyware in Your iPhone

Pegasus spyware is one of many spyware out there that continues to exploit users through their smartphones. The hackers behind this malicious software are said to be stealing data without permission from the users.

Now, the new iMazing update adds a feature that will help iPhone owners secure their devices against NSO spyware.

iMazing 2.14’s New Feature Can Now Identify Pegasus Software

Newest iMazing 2.14's Free Feature Can Now Detect If There is Pegasus Spyware in Your iPhone

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iMazing releases its own detection tool for Pegasus Spyware in the latest update of the app.

Last July, the Mobile Verification toolkit unveiled by Amnesty International has been found out to be an applicable anti-spyware tool, especially during the Peak of the Pegasus virus.

While it gave some hope for smartphone users, its effectiveness was not 100% guaranteed.

For users who are not inclined in coding, the process before using this tool might be ambiguous to execute, according to TechCrunch.

For that part, iMazing has recently released a more convenient feature upon its newest update. The good news is it could now detect traces of compromise in your iPhone, including the Pegasus spyware.

With the latest iMazing 2.14, iPhone users can now know if there is an existing Pegasus spyware in their devices.

The feature is also available for Windows and macOS.

How to Use Anti-Spyware Tool of iMazing

According to a report by 9to5Mac on Wednesday, Aug.4, you can now begin using the iMazing tool by linking your smartphone to your computer. After setting it up, you can now enable the detection feature of the iMazing app. 

While this is good news to hear for the fans, iMazing recommended that the users “probably will not need” that since many cyber risks could happen in the iPhone environment.

The iMazing tool has caught the interest of many iPhone users.

The company noticed the growing number of those who want to try the anti-Pegasus spyware tool since the previous toolkit was quite complicated to use.

This gave the room for iMazing to launch its own version of the app that came in the latest iMazing 2.14. Since no heavy requirements are needed to use this feature, the users can readily launch the Detect Spyware action anytime from their iPhones.

For those users who want to try the app, you can download it here for free. If you want to use it on many devices, you can settle for an annual payment of $59.99.

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The Common Targets of Pegasus Spyware

The Israel-based firm, NGO Group, was said to be behind the distribution of the Pegasus spyware.

The virus was known to be choosing its target properly since the usual victims of the spyware are journalists, politicians, and lawyers.

In July, French President Emmany Macron was forced to refrain from using his iPhone due to the threat of Pegasus software.

This week, the said spyware has posted the private photos of Al-Jazeera’s female journalists.

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