Quantity Pad Not Working? Strive These 7 Fixes

Quantity Pad Not Working? Strive These 7 Fixes

The quantity pad is an extra pad in your keyboard. It consists of numeric knowledge that help customers who steadily take care of numbers or players that require further keys on their keyboard. 

As keyboards are delicate gadgets, they malfunction simply if not taken care of. This text will cowl how Quantity pads can cease working and their fixes, so hold studying! 

Why is my Quantity Pad Not Working

There are a number of explanation why your quantity pad will not be working. Earlier than leaping to the options, we propose you have a look at the doable issues. After you determine the rationale for the malfunction, it is going to be simpler to search out related options.

  • Num Lock Key Not Pressed: It’s essential to press the quantity pad on your keyboard to register the keys from the pad. As everybody doesn’t usually use the quantity pad, they may not learn about these standards.
  • Mouse Keys is Enabled: The Mouse Secret’s a characteristic the place your quantity pad replaces the mouse as a pointer. When this characteristic is enabled, your quantity pad doesn’t operate usually.
  • Outdated Keyboard Driver: When you’re utilizing an outdated keyboard driver, your machine may fail to determine communication or act as an interference together with your {hardware}.  Because of this, the keys in your quantity pad could not register in your machine.
  • Sticky Keys are Enabled: Sticky keys are an extra characteristic in your keyboard that assists you in utilizing shortcuts. When you might have sticky keys enabled, you don’t must press and maintain keys like Ctrl, Alt, and Shift to make use of a shortcut. 
    The keys in your quantity pad could also be paired with these you may’ve pressed earlier than. It will then be registered as a shortcut and never a key.
  • Fn Lock Enabled: Some keyboards help the Fn Lock characteristic. When enabled, the numbers on the quantity pad could get paired with the Fn key. The numbers will not be then registered as keys.
    When you haven’t enabled the Fn lock, particles is likely to be caught on both key, perhaps holding the keys down.
  • Third-party functions/script: Have you ever put in a third-party software, or are you operating a script to alter the conventional functioning of your keyboard? These functions/scripts could intervene together with your keyboard’s regular structure.
  • {Hardware} damages: If not one of the above issues apply to you, your keyboard could have encountered {hardware} injury like particles caught in your keyboard.

The best way to Repair Quantity Pad Not Working

After you diagnose the issue from above, now you can transfer to related options. Listed below are some widespread fixes you may attempt by your self to repair an unresponsive quantity pad.

Restart Your Gadget

You can begin by restarting your machine. Your machine must restart to complete pending updates, together with keyboard drivers. Comply with these directions to restart your machine:

  1. Out of your taskbar, open Begin.
  2. Find the ability button and click on on it.
  3. Choose Replace and restart.Restart-computer-taskbar
  4. Anticipate the replace to complete.

Press the Num Lock Key

You’ll want to hit the Num Lock key in your keyboard on your machine to register the keys in your quantity pad. In your keyboard, search for the Num lock key in your quantity pad and press it. An LED gentle may point out that the quantity pad is now energetic.

Disable Mouse Keys

You possibly can allow or disable mouse keys out of your Home windows settings or use the keyboard shortcut, Alt + Left Shift + Num lock. Comply with these directions to disable Mouse Keys out of your Home windows Settings:

  1. Open Begin. Choose Settings.
  2. From the navigation panel to your left, choose Accessibility.
  3. Beneath Interplay, go to Mouse.
  4. Toggle off the slider subsequent to Mouse keys.

Replace/Reinstall Keyboard Driver

You possibly can replace your keyboard driver to re-establish the connection between your machine and your keyboard. If updating the motive force doesn’t work, you may reinstall your keyboard driver.

Comply with these directions to replace/reinstall your keyboard driver:

  1. Open Begin. On the search bar, kind in Gadget Supervisor.
  2. From the checklist of hardwares, drop the menu down for Keyboards.
  3. Find your malfunctioning keyboard and right-click on it.
  4. Suppose you wish to replace your driver, choose Replace driver.
  5. Choose Search robotically for drivers. Home windows will current you with the perfect driver on your machine. If not already put in, set up it. 
  6. To reinstall, right-click on the motive force and choose Uninstall machine.uninstall-device-driver
  7. Restart your machine.

Disable Sticky Keys

You’ll want to flip off sticky keys to cease it from interfering together with your typing expertise. You possibly can simply disable this keyboard characteristic from the settings software in your Home windows. Comply with these directions to show Sticky Keys off:

  1. Open Begin then, go to Settings.
  2. From the navigation panel to your left, hop on to Accessibility.
  3. Open Keyboard.
  4. Toggle off the slider for Sticky keys.Turn-ON-OFF-Sticky-Keys

Disable Fn Lock


You possibly can simply disable Fn lock by means of your keyboard. Use the mix Fn + Caps in your keyboard to show off this characteristic. If this doesn’t disable the Fn lock, particles is probably caught on both key. Dismantle your keyboard to wash the particles off of your keyboard.

Take away/Disable Third-Celebration Functions

If you don’t actively use the third-party software that meddles with the configuration of your Home windows, you may delete it from settings. Nevertheless, in case you nonetheless wish to hold the appliance and use it for later, you may disable it in the meanwhile. 

To Uninstall the appliance, observe these steps:

  1. Click on on the Begin button and choose the Settings software.
  2. Hop on to Apps.
  3. Choose Apps & Options
  4. Scroll down and choose the appliance you wish to take away.
  5. From the choices, click on on Uninstall. Validate your motion by choosing Uninstall from the immediate once more.uninstall-an-app

When you don’t wish to uninstall the appliance, disable it by means of your activity supervisor. Once you disable an software from the startup on activity supervisor, Home windows doesn’t let it run within the background. Comply with these directions to cease your software from operating.

  1. In your keyboard, hit the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open Process Supervisor.ShortcutToOpenTaskbar
  2. On the checklist of tabs on prime, choose Startup.
  3. On the checklist of functions, find the third-party app you wish to disable and Proper-click on it.
  4. Choose Disable.

Search for {Hardware} Damages

You possibly can first begin by cleansing your keyboard. When you can not take off the keys, use compressed air and a brush to try to take particles off of your keyboard. It’s value mentioning that this may be dangerous and, if not carried out correctly, could additional injury your keyboard.

If cleansing the keyboard doesn’t assist, carry out {hardware} diagnostics from the BIOS. It will scan for different {hardware} damages in your keyboard. 

Clean numpad.jpg

Comply with these directions to carry out {hardware} diagnostics in your machine:

  1. Flip off your machine.
  2. Relying on the producer of your machine, press and maintain that exact key to enter your BIOS.
  3. Use the arrow keys to something much like Diagnostics and hit Enter.
  4. Enable your machine to carry out the assessments.
  5. After the diagnostics, exit your BIOS. You possibly can see which key to press to exit BIOS on the underside of your display screen.
  6. Restart your machine.

Run Keyboard Troubleshooter

When you nonetheless have issues figuring out the issue, you may run Keyboard Troubleshooter. Your Home windows will attempt to search for bugs and robotically repair them for you. Comply with these steps to run keyboard troubleshooter in your Home windows 11:

  1. Open Begin, then go to the Settings software.
  2. From System, choose Troubleshoot.
  3. Choose Different troubleshooters.
  4. Scroll all the way down to Keyboard and choose Run subsequent to it.KeyboardTroubleshoot

Allow On-Display screen Keyboard

If nothing is understanding for you and also you urgently want to make use of the keyboard, you may allow the on-screen keyboard in your Home windows. Because the title suggests, a keyboard will seem in your display screen, and no matter keys you choose are registered and typed in your display screen.

Comply with these directions to allow the on-screen keyboard in your Home windows:

  1. Open Begin out of your taskbar, then hop on to the Settings software.
  2. From the navigation panel in your left, hop on to Accessibility.
  3. Choose Keyboard.
  4. Toggle on the slider for the On-screen keyboard.