What is Network Security Consulting and Why Do You Need It?

What is Network Security Consulting and Why Do You Need It?
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The need for network security consulting is increasingly becoming more critical based on the rapid advancement in technology. Businesses are slowly adopting cybersecurity, but the lack of information creates a lot of confusion. Many companies hesitate to hire and changing their internal infrastructure to fit into network security settings. They want to start slow, and hence they hire the services of a network security consultant. Their advice helps the best in planning the way forward for adequate network security.

Yahoo! reports that 78% lack confidence in their company’s cybersecurity posture, prompting 91% to increase the 2021 budget [1]. It is the right time to bring a network security consultant on board.

What Does a Network Security Consultant Do?

Several organizations have substantial pools of sensitive and valuable information in their networks. This information consists of project details, financial reports, personal information (such as ID, address, social security number, etc.), and other confidential information. The company would not want anything of great value to be retrieved by unauthorized users.

Network security consultants are security professionals that work to prevent clients’ information from leaking and prevent spyware, viruses, and malicious hackers from intruding into organizational networks. They also set up network security tools like firewalls, specialized security software, passwords, and other approaches for mitigating unauthorized intrusions into the network.

Moreover, network security consultants also organize network hygiene training which minimizes the risks of security breaches. These professionals keep up with further technological developments, ensuring that databases are regularly updated to prevent cyber-attacks.

Skills required to become a network security consultant

The network security consultant job role requires some specific set of skills. These professionals also work with different teams to resolve their network security-related issues.

The following skills are expected from network security consultants:

  • Computer programming skills with a hold on languages like Java, PERL and Python.
  • Network and security configuration.
  • Cloud computing infrastructure and services.
  • Network and security tools
  • Critical thinking
  • Analytical skills, etc.

Why Is Network Security Consultation a Job of the Future? 

Network security consultants use their expertise to advise businesses on protecting and securing critical data and computer systems. They may be self-employed contractors, or they may work for consulting firms. Aspiring cybersecurity professionals will notice a growing need for network security consulting professionals worldwide. More than 90,000 network security jobs in the United States require professionals with an adequate understanding of Security consultant roles and responsibilities.

According to Payscale.com, the average salary of a Network/Computer/ Information Technology Security consultant is 87,702 USD per year. This salary prospect can rise based on several factors, such as years of experience, education, industry, and location. An experienced network security consultant with 10 to 19 years of experience can earn an average total payment of 117,531 USD in the US.

EC-Council offers world-class training programs for aspiring network security consultants. With a series of programs that details every crucial detail required to pursue this career, EC-Council has made sure that their network security course materials are updated regularly.

About EC-Council’s Network Security Training 

EC-Council offers beginner-level, intermittent-level, and advanced-level network security courses and training programs for professionals and those who desire to penetrate the field of cybersecurity.

ECC’s Network Security Training explores computer network security modules, including LANs and WANs, and the network architecture and protocols employed in security.

You’ll also learn about using the admin tool to secure your wireless networks and acquire valuable skills in cybersecurity, risk management, and cryptography, and every skill important for pursuing a job in network security consulting.

Certified Network Defender v2 by EC-Council is a vendor-neutral network security certification program that offers an impartial tactic to learning secure networking practices. By the end of your certification course, you’ll learn how to evaluate and strengthen computing systems dominant in the current IT infrastructure.

Recognized and accredited by ANSI, DOD & NICF, Network security is the need of the hour
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What do you need to be a network security consultant?

You need the following to be a network security consultant.

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science, cybersecurity, information technology, or other related fields.
  • Gain comparable work experience via appropriate industry certifications.
  • Take Up an entry-level role, in general, IT or security.
  • Gain a mid-level position as a security analyst, administrator, auditor, or engineer.
  • Improve your cybersecurity skills with advanced network security training and certification programs.
  • Apply for a security consultant position.

What is network security consulting?

Network security consulting involves working to prevent clients’ information from leaking and preventing spyware, viruses, and malicious hackers from intruding into organizational networks.



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