Where to Find Every Old World Gadget in Bricktown

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Bricktown is one of the many Old World settlement ruins that players can come across within Biomutant, which still holds a few old treasures.

Bricktown is one of the many ruins that the Toxanol left behind when they abandoned the world of Biomutant, and it’s still full of treasures. Old World treasures can only be found among the ruins and tend to run a little big for the creatures that have taken over the world since then. This old settlement in particular has three Old World Gadgets for players to find.

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Each of these old-world gadgets is a modern item labeled with strange names. Things like fry-sparkers, flush-stools, and clothes soakers. Each of these items is a type of puzzle, that once unlocked, will grant the player a few useful items, such as armor, weapons, addons, or heals.

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Where to Locate the Three Old World Gadgets of Bricktown in Biomutant

The Bricktown Clothes Soaker Location

The first of these old-world items can be found near the fast-travel marker at the center of Bricktown. From here, head down the steps nearest to the post. Take a left and enter the laundromat, immediately on the left-hand side of the street. Inside, one of the many washers or clothes soakers on the left wall is some loot. Solve the puzzle by lining up the pegs on the washer so that the colors all line up with one another. Solving this puzzle will also require the player character to have an Intellect score of 22 or higher.

The Bricktown Fry-Sparker Location

For the next item, head back up to the fast-travel post, and right, further into the city. Stay straight, but keep to the right side. Through the alleyway and into the second open area with a tree near the center, head into the second building on the left. Go upstairs, into the backroom, and through the doorway on the right. There should be a small kitchen on the left wall with a microwave or fry-sparker on the countertop. Much like the previous old-world gadget, simply line up the knobs by color to complete the puzzle. This one also requires an Intellect score of 22 or higher.

The Bricktown Flush-Stool Location

Instead of heading back out to the fast-travel post from the last location, go out the door and head further left down the path, into the next open area. Head into the building to the right of the MOMOW, into the back room, and down the stairs. Through the doorway on the right should be a bathroom. Here is the toilet or flush-stool. Again, like the previous puzzles, players will need to align the pipe’s wheels by color to get the toilet to drain.

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Biomutant is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Coming soon to PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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